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Random favorites, in no particular order, and no particular style. :)




Commissions are OPEN.

All profits from commission work will go towards funding my start up bakery business this summer, hopefully in time to be selling at the farmer's markets this coming April even! But that is only if I can get some of the funding together to get things in motion. Working towards such an end, I am offering up my very very limited free time to do art, just for YOU. I prefer to do character 'concept' type art.. Portraits and such things to showcase your character, or whatever subject, so please do keep that in mind when reviewing the following information!



$5 Quick and Dirty Sketches
 Princess Jasmine Sketch by AllisonTyreeDrake by AllisonTyree

$15 Speedpaints
Aria.. by AllisonTyreeHooooowl by AllisonTyree

$20 Grayscale/$25 Digital Color (Portrait/Bust)
 The Blind Queen... by AllisonTyree Nakari the Pirate... by AllisonTyree

$30 Grayscale/$45 Digital Color Painting (3/4 to Full Body)
Do Over... by AllisonTyree   
Six Repaint WIP 1 by AllisonTyree

**Note: Backgrounds and multiple figures are extra based on amount of work and detail required. 

**-I don't really care to do backgrounds, I will, but I will increase the price based on time and difficulty. Regarding multiple characters, I will charge 1/2 the total cost for each additional character/subject up to 3 people. Any person past the 3rd character is full price. Sorry, its just a 'lot' of work =(

***-Changes to final artwork: I don't have a huge problem with this, but you get 3 'minor' changes/tweaks, and 1 major change. I will start charging more after that. Time, effort, etc. To avoid this problem, please be very concise in your description of what you want, include references if you have them in your commission request, and any details no matter how small they may be. Please see above for more information about how to do that!

Promotions, Discounts, Etc!:

-Referrals! Sending your friends or family or dog to me for business earns you a $5 discount on your piece. 

General Information! (Its boring but kind of important)

If you are interested in commissioning me for work please take into consideration the following things.


I've decided to add a section here and give you guys some hours to contact me during. I do have a day job, which takes up at least 30-40 hours a week.. so I'm going to compose a rough schedule of art work hours too. I try to keep Deviantart up as often as I can, but I'm not terribly great at checking it always. Don't be alarmed if you don't receive an immediate answer, all that means is that I am in the zone working on whichever art piece I'm currently inspired by and I will get to you as soon as I can.

If you need to contact me outside the posted hours, the best way to do that is by e-mail, or if you just want a faster response, e-mail works.. since it goes straight to my phone. You can contact me at:

You can also reach me through my facebook page here:

Here are some helpful rules to guide you!
-I will do explicit art, but not anything that will compromise my own morals. I don't have many of them, but I do have a few. Morals that is. But occasionally (in the past) I have had some.. really uncomfortable requests. The best thing to do is ask yourself this simple question: Is this 'too' kinky? If you think the answer might be yes... its probably safe to take your commission elsewhere.

-I don't do furries at the moment. Largely because I'm not comfortable drawing in that style. The good news is? There are so many great artists here on Deviant that I am absolutely certain you will find someone to suit your needs. I can probably point you in a good direction if you want some help.

-I reserve the right to post the artwork to promote myself, which means that it may be posted on websites outside of deviant art. If you would like the piece to remain private, we can negotiate that. I will always retain the rights to my work, unless otherwise negotiated.

-Commercial Use of my Art: I've been getting this one a lot lately, and felt the need to add a section in. If you plan to use my artwork for promotional use, for a book cover, for comics, or anything like that, you need to let me know that upfront, and together we can work out the details of what you can and cannot do with my art. Usually all I ask for is a credit back to me, but it can change on a case by case basis, depending on what you need it for.

-Anywhere that you post the artwork needs to be credited back to me with, at the very least, a link back to here or to my facebook page, as well as my full name as the credited artist. This is just really a courtesy for me, and I appreciate it ever so much when my commissioners refer their friends and fans back to me.

-Workflow: This is a question I get a lot and I never know how to answer it. I try to offer up commissioners with a reasonable deadline for their piece, but the truth of the matter is that I work a day job. In fact, I work a full time day job. I would love to be able to one day support myself solely with art, but at the moment that just isn't possible. What this means for you is pretty simple: First, you may experience delays in regards to my responses to your requests and e-mails. Though I do check daily, I don't always have the energy to type a coherent response, so please don't freak out if I don't get back to you immediately. And secondly, it may take me two weeks or more to get a piece done, depending on complexity and size. It is actually quite difficult to find a 2-3 hour block of time in which I can just sketch some days. So please, be patient.

A good rule of thumb in regards to contacting me: Limit your 'check ins' to once a week.

-I reserve the right to turn down any request that I find offensive, or that may compromise me morally or legally.

-Payments through paypal only at this time. 

-As always guys... please remember that when you send me a note.. I need you to be as specific as possible.. mostly to save time and confusion, and so I don't have to keep up with 500 1 line Note conversations and get your pieces mixed up. So just to give you a general guideline, try to include the following information in your first note to me (I am almost always open for commissions, or at least willing to consider them so please save me from having to answer that question too XD).

-Your name or alias (I feel awkward talking to people and referring to them by their username sometimes)

-What type of commission you are interested in (sketch, painting, other)

- Details of what you are looking for! 
     + If you are commissioning me for a character concept please include all relevant details about your character (hair color, length, style/eye color/race/clothing style or costume choices/physical features (like tattoos or piercings). If you have reference photos... that's even better! Feel free to send me everything you have. I may or may not use it all, but it's helpful in the planning stages of the art.
    +If you are commissioning me an environment sketch of some sort please include relevant details about the environment/space and references if you have them.
    +Do you have a specific pose in mind? A lot of people commission me and they have such CLEAR ideas about what they want with art. I am fine with working towards that goal, but that also puts some responsibility on the commissioner. Unless you provide me with very specific details and references, I will feel free to use my own judgement regarding your character. 
    +A preferred method of contact for you. If Deviantart is your thing, awesome. If you prefer e-mail, well I have one of those too. Just let me know what works best for you.

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